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Apartment Building

We are here for you. 

For the betterment of the lifts and escalators 

Uplift the vertical transportation performance

Abstract Building


  • Lift Condition Assessment / Lift audit

  • New building vertical transportation design

  • Lift Modernization / Upgrading consultancy

  • Lift Maintenance Management

  • Services including assessment to major lift components; or customer's specific requirements


Due to confidentiality, we are happy to furnish our completed and ongoing projects upon request.  Talk to us and we would be gladly to share them with you.


​Our Customers are:

  • Residential Condominiums 

  • Office & Commercial Buildings

  • Other Private dwellings

Apartment Building


We are seasoned professionals in the Lift Industry with more than 19 years of experience working within the various Lift Companies and in Professional Services. 


Backed with our wealth of knowledge and vast experience in the lift industry, we are committed to provide the best service and guidance to improve the safety and performance of the equipment in your building.


From the initial lift design works to the lift modernization and project management works, our attention to detail is second to none. 


Whether it be advice or services that you are seeking, we can help.  As Lift Consultant, we journey with you to uplift the bar towards top-notch quality in the lift and escalator performance and its maintenance regime.   

Voice of our Customers



Responsive and attentiveness.  Supportive in guiding us and the Council Members to the right decision. 

Condominium Manager


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