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The Lift / Escalator Ownership Journey

The Pain

We get it.  The cost, the pain and the hassle in upkeeping the lift.  And the monthly fee is not cheap either.  To top it off, there are plenty of chargeable works excluded from the maintenance contract.

Your Expectation (minimally)

You diligently pay for the monthly fees and all the extra chargeable repair / replacement works. 

You expect the reciprocal relationship from your Lift Service Provider.  This being:

  • Lift operating in a safe and reliable manner.

  • Lift to operate with minimal breakdown.

  • Address the breakdown the soonest possible.

  • Provide information of the cause of breakdown.

  • Provide status and progress of ongoing repair works.

  • Peace of mind


The Reality

Definitely there are some (or a lot) of gaps between the promises (in the maintenance agreement) and the outcomes.

What are the Alternative

We are your Alternative.   We can help to give you the peace-of-mind you deserved. 

We do not meddle with the ongoing lift maintenance contract and the works.  

What we do is to help you find answers to some of the following questions: 

  • Why did the lift breakdown again?

  • What happened to the last breakdown?

  • Is this lift breakdown part of the last issue?

  • Concretely, what was done during the monthly maintenance works?

  • With what you have invested every month to the lift, what is the current internal condition of the lift?

  • Are you allowed to terminate and award the lifts service works to another lift service provider?

  • Must you remain with the same lift brand for modernization works?

  • How and to what extend should I future-proof your current lifts? 


The lift repeatedly goes out of service.  Are these happening because of the age of the lift?

Ensure that you Lift Service Provider is providing timely replacement to the worn out parts and is doing the maintenance works as per BCA guidelines.  Alternatively, you may engage us as an Independent Lift Consultant, to audit their maintenance works and assess the cause of the lift breakdowns.


The Lift Technician comes every month to service the lift.  But the lift is down again just few days later.  Why?

Very likely the root cause of the breakdown was not successfully identified by your Lift Technician.  There are various reasons for this. 

The Lift Industry is facing labor crunch, including retention of skills people, and challenges in upskilling the new Technicians.  These factors have impacts to your lift and to the level of services you are receiving.  


I have been told by my current Lift Service Provider that we cannot have another Lift Contractor to my site

That is generally true in that you cannot have another Lift Service Provider on site, without your permission and your presence. 

As we are Lift Consultant, we are not in the competition with the Lift Service Provider.  Our interest are to assess the lift and its condition, and of course the quality of service works.  Our presence on site should not be disallowed by your Lift Service Provider when you have engaged our service.  And we will not enter into lift shaft without the presence of their Representative.  

In short, our works are as Owner's Representative, and as an Auditor to assess the performance of the Lift Service Provider, and creating action plans to uplift the current lift condition and performance.


My lift is due to Permit-to-Operate (PTO) renewal.  Must I use the SPE recommended by the Lift Service Provider?

You can engage a Specialist Professional Engineer (SPE) to supervise the yearly PTO renewal.  Your Lift Service Provider will be on site to carry out the necessary works under the supervision of the independent SPE.  


My lifts are old and is having many callouts per month.  What are my options?

There are options available to rejuvenate, refresh and upgrade the current condition of the lift, including to include the latest safety features recommended by BCA. 

By having our Lift Consultant onboard, we will help you review the total aspect of your current lift and will guide you on the options available including the planning of the budget and the works. 

Let's Work Together

Let us help you manage the vertical transportation issues. 

So you can spend your time doing the things that really matter.  

Give us a call.  

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